Climax Studios On A New Exclusive Ps5 After Working On Return With Housemarque?

After collaborating with Housemarque on the development of Returnal, elected as a game of the year in Shuei Yoshida’s personal ranking, Climax Studios could be involved in the creation of a new exclusive PlayStation 5.

To suggest it is a work announcement of the software hosue, in which developers claim to be working on a triple project A not yet announced on behalf of a first party company. Considering the developer historian, and therefore the recent close collaboration with Housemarque (now a full-fledged part of the PlayStation Studios), it is very likely that we are talking about a new exclusive to be published on PS5.

As specified in the user’s tweet Faizan Shaikh, NVIDIA’s recent Leak GeForce Now cited a mysterious PC porting by Climax Studios. Information that has led some to think that it might be the PC version of Returnal, a possibility not to be discarded considering also how Sony has widened its borders beyond the PlayStation consoles over the last few months. However, the professional positions mentioned in the job announcement (AI Programmer, for example) suggest that this is a completely new game. At the moment we can only wait for an announcement from Climax.

Speaking of Returnal, many expected the announcement of the expansion to the TGA 2021, but the Finnish software house had nothing new to show at the event.

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