Chrono Cross, Waiting For The Remastered: Crossover Images With Another Eden

With the official announcement of the crossover between Another Eden and Chrono Cross, the rumors related to a possible reveal of Chrono Cross Remastered grow.

While the hopeful turn their eyes to the stage of The Game Awards 2021, Square Enix presents the first details on the collaboration between the two titles. In particular, by opening a website with a vintage flavour, screenshots arrive depicting some of the contents of Complex Dreams, the official title of the crossover. Available directly at the bottom of this news, the images offer a glimpse of what players of Another Eden: the Cat Beyond Time and Space can expect with the special event.

Square Enix also confirmed that in the crossover we will see some of Chrono Cross’ main faces back in action, between Serge, Kid and Harle. Complex Dreams will propose a completely original story, whose realization was supervised by Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuteru Yuuki, directly from the original development team of JRPG. In addition to the dubbing for Masato Kato’s characters, the crossover will feature features such as the New Game+ and the Elements.

The collaboration between Chrono Cross and Another Eden: the Cat Beyond Time and Space, we remember, will start on Thursday 9 December, the date for which the rumors indicate how possible an announcement by Chrono Cros

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