Chrono Cross Remastered Announced To The Tgas? Unveiled Crossover With Another Eden!

The much-talked crossover event between Another Eden and Chrono Cross was finally officially announced by Square Enix, who raised the curtain on the project.

Through the two dedicated trailers that you can see at the beginning and at the bottom of this news, the videogaming giant has confirmed that Complex Dreams – this is the name of the event – is not only reality, but is also definitely imminent. The partnership between the two brands will start on Thursday 9 December, with the publication of version 2.11.50 of Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space.

A date at least suspicious, since the same will host the transmission of the 2021 edition of The Game Awards. With growing rumor about the existence of a Chrono Cross Remastered, it seems inevitable to assume a possible announcement of the game precisely on the occasion of the celebratory evening conducted by Geoff Keighley. That the stage is preparing to welcome among the many World Premiere also planned the much talked Chrono Cross Remastered?

Waiting to find out, enthusiasts can wait for the crossover with Another Eden: the Cat Beyond Time and Space. The announcement of Complex Dreams was accompanied by a message from Square Enix, which said it was satisfied with the collaboration, which took a long time to come to life. For the occasion, the development team added, the characters drawn from the universe of Chrono Cross will also be dubbed for the first time in the history of the series.

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