Chorus: A Blasting Blast In The New Video Of The Space Shooter

Fishlabs developers prepare for the commercialization of Chorus by packaging an eight-minute video gameplay that sums up the playful, narrative and content experience of this ambitious space shooter veined with roleplay elements.

The trailer published on by the German software house helps us to familiarize ourselves with the control system of Forsaken, the sentient ship with which we will enter in symbiosis wearing the shoes of brave Nara to help her to

Judging by what I admired, the movement system adopted by Fishlabs seems to be almost responsive and deep at the same time, especially in the most hectic dogfight sessions and in the stages that foresee the exploration of scenarios full of obstacles to be bypassed During the adventure, the symbiosis between Nara and Forsaken will then give players the chance to unlock additional upgrades and access advanced equipment, further expanding the range of options available.

Chorus is scheduled to be launched on December 3rd on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. A small vendetta appetizer ordered by Nara against the cult of the Circle and their

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