Chocobo Gp Has A Release Date: The Exclusive Nintendo Switch In The Footsteps Of Mario Kart

After Chocobo GP’s announcement in the autumn, it’s time to discover when it will be possible to swing through the racing kart circuits set in the final fantasy imagery.

With a colorful new Chocobo GP trailer, the Square Enix team announced the official release date of the production. Expected exclusively on Nintendo Switch, the arcade racing will invite fans to get on track starting from March 10, 2022. In view of the spring of the new year, it will be possible to tread Chocobo GP’s tracks, both in solo and in company, thanks to a rich support to the multiplayer sector, both in local and online.

With the new dedicated trailer, which you can find in the opening to this news, Square Enix confirms the presence of a History Mode within the title. By moving within the latter, new circuits and additional vehicles can be unlocked. Chocobo GP’s gameplay aims to offer many hours of fun, offering a full Mario Kart experience.

In boarding karts as their favorite characters in the Final Fantasy series, Chocobo GP players can prepare to cross natural and medieval scenery at full speed. The competition will be the maximum expression of the possibility of organizing elimination tournaments for up to 64 participants.

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