Child Of Light 2 Will Be Done: The Director Promises News Next Year

Two years ago, Game Director Patrick Plourde considered it impossible to follow up the popular role-playing game Child of Light, but apparently since then many things have changed.

Yesterday evening, Plourde took advantage of its social channels to let all fans know of the existence of a new great adventure of Autora and Igniculus, also giving appointment at the beginning of next year for new information on production “Fan of Child of Light, I’m just writing to let you know that Thomas Rollus (the Art Director, ed.) just sent me approval for the next great adventure of Aurora and Igniculus. Expect more information at the beginning of next year.”

Although it cannot be considered an official announcement in full order, the intervention of Patrick Plourde – who has already directed the first, appreciated chapter – leaves room for very few doubts. Child of Light 2, or whatever its title will be, will be done! Waiting for more details, which should arrive at the beginning of 2022, if you haven’t done so yet you can recover the first episode at discounted price on Steam, where it can be purchased at only 4.49 euros. If you want to know more about this little modern fairy tale, read our Child of Light review.

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