Chernobylite: Free Dlc Ghost City Available, Demo Arrives On Steam

The Farm 51 developers anticipated that Chernobylite would receive free DLCs, and here the software house holds true to the word given by distributing today the expansion “Ghost City.”

Presented through the footage we have brought back to you at the opening, Ghost City introduces several activities that you can activate once you reach a new play area, made by The Farm 51 through a careful 3D scan.

“Ghost City introduces a new map of Pripyat’s residential area, full of events and secondary missions. Here players can explore the neighborhoods of Pripyat, recreated through a faithful 3D scan, and visit emblematic places like the blue pool.”

The Farm 51 also reminds us that Chernobylite is currently at a discount and that you can therefore take advantage of it if you were interested in trying the survival horror of the authors of Get Even. You can also have a first taste of the experience thanks to the demo now available on Steam: “An additional novelty is the Chernobylite demo, which can now be played on Steam. This includes the introduction of the game and two whole days to be faced. In addition, Chernobylite is available on Steam, Epic Steam and at a 25% discount on the holidays. Take advantage of the offer before its expiry, 5 January 2022.”

For further details, please refer to our Chernobylite Review.

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