Cd Projekt Thinks Big: Cyberpunk Dlc, Hirings And New Games In 2022

In addition to the re-affirming of the launch window of The Witcher 3 nextgen, CD Projekt’s exponents take advantage of the opportunity offered by the latest financial report to outline the plans of the Polish company for 2022.

In summing up to investors and industry staff the financial results of the activities carried out during the third quarter of 2021, CD Projekt’s members open a window on the future to explain what activities will be carried out by the company in the course of next year.

Galvanized by the recent success of Cyberpunk 2077 on Steam, the top CD Projekt points out its intention to launch the important update of the Sci-Fi GDR on PlayStation 5 and Xbox in the first quarter of 2022.

Parallel and complementary to Cyberpunk’s enhancement activities (hopefully not only graphic) on the latest generation systems, there will then be further activities promoted by the Polish software house to expand its user basin and, with it, acquire ever larger market shares.

In this context, the promise of CD Projekt bosses to continue their current efforts to recruit talents to re-enhancing subsidiaries and detached locations in 2022; the stated intention is to “start exploratory work on new projects”

The president and CEO of CD Projekt, Adam Kicinski, explains that the company intends to dedicate itself in 2022 to the development of the expansion of Cyberpunk 2077 promised to fans of the sci-fi kolossal, but without specifying the launch

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