Castlevania, 35 Years Of The Series: Konami Celebrates With An Nft Auction

A few months after the launch of the Castlevania Advance Collection on PC and consoles, the celebrations of the 35th anniversary of the Castlevania series continue.

To celebrate the anniversary, Konami decided to launch an unusual initiative, which fits in with the trend that sees an increasingly mixed video game world, cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. The Japanese company has decided to organize an auction, during which they will be put on sale NFT related to the world of Castlevania. In particular, we are talking about game sequences, soundtrack sections and new artworks specially made for the 35 years of the series.

The auction will last several days, with the opening of virtual gates scheduled for 23:00 on Wednesday 12 January. The interested users will be able to make their own purchase proposals until 3:00 am on Saturday 15 January 2022. To participate in the initiative, it is obviously necessary to have a portfolio of cryptocurrencies, currency used for the typing of the auction. Investors who will win one of the proposed NFTs will be honored by Konami through a special mention published on their official website, where it will remain online until the end of 2022. To ensure the authenticity of virtual goods, Blockchain technology will be used.

Recently, we remember, the Square Enix management has also confirmed a strong interest in the NFT market.

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