Can Celebi Be Captured In PokéMon Shining Diamond And Splendid Pearl?

Since its first appearance in Gold and Silver, Celebi has been a special place in the heart of those who love the franchise born from Game Freak. Now that fans can return to Sinnoh thanks to Pokémon Diamond Shining and Pearl Shining, it is natural to wonder if it is possible to capture the Legendary even in the re-editions for Nintendo Switch.

Unfortunately, however, at the moment, the answer is negative and will remain so until 2022, the year when Pokémon Home could change the cards on the table. Although the National Pokédex contains a voice dedicated to Celebi, in fact, this type of Grass and Psycho unique in its kind cannot be captured in either of the two remakes. The only hope is therefore represented by the aforementioned cloud-based service that, starting next year, will allow users to transfer their monsters among the latest titles in the series: Sword, Shield, Shining Diamond, Splendete Pearl etc.

Speaking of rare Pokémon, here is an article for those who want to know the Legendaries of Pokémon Shining Diamond and Splendid Pearl. On the pages of you can also find a guide to the fossils of Pokémon Diamond Shiny and Pearl Shiny. Finally, we leave you with an explanation of how to exchange in Pokémon Shining Diamond and Splendid Pearl.

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