Call Of Duty: What Will Happen To Playstation Marketing Agreements?

We continue to discuss the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, one of the central points of the discussions obviously revolves around Call of Duty franchise… what will be the future of COD from now on?

According to Jeff Grubb Call of Duty, Xbox will become exclusive at least as far as the new “premium” games are concerned, while Call of Duty Warzone will remain multiplatform. PushSquare instead raises a doubt regarding the close marketing agreement between Activision and Sony in 2014 and subsequently renewed, although the end date of the partnership has never been made known.

So what could happen at this point? PushSquare assumes an end of the agreement and already during the presentation of the next COD (which according to rumor will be Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, coming out in October 2022) we will see the Xbox logos in plain sight at the end of the

In fact as far as possible it is not said that this scenario is destined to opponents since Microsoft has demonstrated with the acquisition of Bethesda to want to respect the contracts in existence, for this Deathloop has come out exclusively PS5 console and the same will happen to

At the moment, the parties concerned have not been unbalanced and it is therefore difficult to define a precise scenario, we will know more presumably in the coming months.

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