Call Of Duty Warzone: What We Want To See In The New Pacific Course

Almost two years after the tight entry into the Battle Royale scene, Call of Duty: Warzone has proven to have the cards in order to be one of the most appreciated free-to-play in circulation. But what are the improvements that the Pacific update should introduce to ensure that interest remains at the stars? Let’s find out together.

Don’t give the cheater a break

It’s too early to know exactly whether the anti-cheat system called Ricochet will be enough to counter the unfair users (that’s how to report players in COD Vanguard and Warzone Pacific), but it’s essential that developers and Activision continue

Give more importance to the environment

With the release of the new Call of Duty Warzone Pacific map, developers have put the emphasis on the influence that the environment can exert on the gameplay, which in the previous Verdansk had not been properly explored. Although Raven Software has not allowed users to swim, in fact, it is possible to ford the water streams that cross Caldera to hide the traces of their passage. Pushing more in this direction, perhaps involving the dormant volcano that overlooks part of the island, could make the play experience even more dynamic.

Offer a better and more varied loot

Vanguard’s arrival was not limited to bringing new weapons and the verdant map (in this regard, here is the road map of COD Vanguard and Warzone Pacific Season 1), modifying some details of the structure of the Battle Specifically: Warzone players can no longer rely on personal loadouts, unless 5 minutes have already passed since the game began. This choice, in terms of balance, can be far-sighted but must be supported by an equally weighted change of equipment found on the ground.

Rebalancing Mixed Weapons

Although developers are already working on a solution, the exaggerated effectiveness of the mix weapons remains too invasive, especially taking into account some new entries introduced with COD Vanguard. A clear example of this is the bayonet, which can be unstoppable if it is combined with the right Benefits. Perhaps the only solution would be to reduce the damage inflicted in the body to a single body.

Don’t sleep on your laurels

Other Battle Royales such as Fortnite and Apex Legends have shown that changes play a key role in keeping alive the interest of a loyalized community. Call of Duty Warzone, in this sense, was too static and the passage to Caldera could be the occasion to fix the shot. The hope is that the new map will be updated more regularly, resulting in continuous evolution and capable of astonishing.

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