Call Of Duty Warzone Tournament Ruined By Random Shadow Ban: Pro Furious With Activision

The COD Warzone export scene seems to be in real danger. After the multiple accusations of lack of interest raised by professional players at Activision, another episode makes the atmosphere between developers and pros even darker: a 25,000 Dollars prize pool tournament was ruined by random shadow ban.

First of all, what’s a shadow ban? It is quite simply a non-explicit ban from the traditional lobby of Call of Duty Warzone that leads the ‘victims’ to play with other hackers. In the absence of clear warnings from Activision Blizzard, players often notice the ban after a few weeks but, in the case of the 2v2 tournament organized by BoomTV and with 25,000 dollars on the line, the professionals involved were

In fact, the competition in question was hit hard by more problems: first, the stream sniping by other players and hackers who invaded the dedicated lobby compromising the regular course of the tournament. Later, however, several players were hit by Activision with a completely unexpected shadow ban. One striking case is Jukeyz, one of the most important pro players in the COD Warzone scene, which, as you can see from the tweet at the bottom of the news, is sarcastically taken with Activision.

There were no other reports from players and users who were following the event with pleasure, but there is still no official response from developers. What is certain is that this is not a positive sign for the competitive scene of the battle royale signed Call of Duty.

Activision remains particularly active against cheaters, as the complaint against EngineOwning showed.

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