Call Of Duty Warzone: The Best Landing Points On Caldera

Caldera is the new map of Call of Duty Warzone, which upsets the arena of the battle royale and transforms it into a battlefield in the Pacific. Players are therefore forced to study and learn from the beginning the conformation of the territory to play the best games: here are the best landing points of Call of Duty Warzone Pacific Caldera.

The airfield is one of the most strategic places to start the Battle Royale. While the area is quickly occupied by as many players, this space often offers lots of loots to collect, increasing the chances of getting out unharmed. Also, it is a useful spot to take possession of planes, if your goal is to fly on Caldera for a better view on the battlefield. Finally, near the airfield, there is a military camp full of loot, but above all of effective anti-air stations in throwing down enemy aircraft.

Moving instead to the main city of the island, the Capital represents one of the most important points of Caldera with contracts, money and weapons always available to players so intrepid to choose this urban territory as the beginning for the battle. In fact, as usual in the battle royale, the different buildings and shelters guarantee frequent conflicts on fire and contacts between the various teams, but they can count on an arsenal from the beginning rather abundant. In the Resort area, however, there are some tourist houses that, if ignored by other players, offer equipment and a defensive shelter in case of closing of the circle. Finally, one last area to suggest is the Village, a point east of the map consisting of a set of huts. The relative distance that separates this territory from the rest of the nerve points of Caldera allows you to quickly acquire the loot, as well as guarantee a departure not adrenaline, but preparation for the next guerrilla.

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