Call Of Duty Warzone: The Best Audio Options To Use In The Game

Call of Duty Warzone hosts millions of players, and as time goes by more and more users become skilled and difficult to deal with on the battlefield. A key element of each battle royale is definitely audio, which allows you to predict an enemy attack and defend yourself properly: here are the best options to use.

Before you see what are the most used and appropriate settings to better hear any noise, such as the steps of the opponents players, it is important to remember that the sensitivity to sounds is always personal and therefore there is no single standard to follow for everyone. That said, there are a number of parameters that are broadly a model suitable for many players, here are:

Mix Audio: Boost alto

General volume: 85

Music volume: 0

Volume of dialogues: 100

Volume of effects: 100

Teamwork is a key component of Warzone’s gameplay, and understanding what our teammates say is definitely crucial to getting rid of the most dangerous situations. Here are the recommended parameters for voice chat:

Voice chat: active

Threshold microphone recording open: 3.16

Voice chat volume: 150

Microphone volume: 120

Voice chat effect: none

Beyond the editable options in the game, it is always useful not to leave out your audio devices. A technical update in this sense could solve many of your problems regarding in-game sounds, perhaps accompanying it to the setting of the above parameters. For further insight into the content of the game, here are the best landing points in Caldera in Call of Duty Warzone. Finally, don’t forget our guide on how to report bad players in Call of Duty Warzone.

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