Call Of Duty Warzone Pacific: Targeting Is Impossible With The Return Of The Demon Gun Glitch

Several months after his last appearance in the battle royale arenas of COD Warzone, the notorious Demon Gun Glitch made his return on the new Caldera map of Call of Duty Warzone Pacific

The problem encountered by explorers of the latest scenario of Activision’s free-to-play kolossal is generating no little frustration among Call of Duty sufferers. Just as in the past, this time the Demon Gun Glitch is going to impact negatively on the user’s gaming experience because of a graphic bug that makes it impossible to aim with the rifle.

The glitch in question seems to concern mainly the skin of certain types of weapons, causing the “dissolution” of the rifle in a twisted tangle of triangles that end up occupying a large part of the HUD and preclude the,

Less “intrusive” than the Demon Gun Glitch, but no less limiting for gameplay purposes, is then the other bug emerged these days on COD Warzone Pacific: several members of Reddit forum report

The Raven Software guys, however, have already made known that they are aware of the bug crashes and freezes of COD Warzone Pacific that are affecting the explorers of Caldera on PC and consoles. While waiting to discover the timing of the launch of patches that will close these flaws, please note that on PS4 and PlayStation 5 new PS Plus bonuses for COD Warzone Pacific are available.

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