Call Of Duty Warzone Pacific: How To Report Bad Players

Whether it’s for the use of cheat or verbal chat abuse, reporting undisciplined players is often the most valuable tool to contribute to the growth of a better community. Here’s how to denounce these illegal actions in COD Vanguard and COD Warzone Pacific, the FPSs made by Sledgehammer Games and Infinity Ward.

In the shooters published by Activision the first thing to do to signal the toxicity of a user to the attention of the developers is to reach the multiplayer menu of the games in question. Regardless of your platform and the version of Call of Duty you are playing, once you have finished the game, you will simply visit the Social card and check out the recent Players. Here you will find a list including all the users you interacted with during the last games. Then select the player indicted and then indicate the reason for your report. At that point it will take time before the developers take action, but you can be sure that your report will not fall into the void.

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