Call Of Duty Warzone: Activision Denounced One Of The Main Cheat Developers

The war against the cheaters of Call of Duty Warzone Pacific by Activision is now underway, which just a few weeks ago launched the new Ricochet anti-cheat to stop the players of the battle ro

In fact, over the last few hours, the news is being made that the giant of the video gaming industry would take legal action against EngineOwning, a company based in Germany that has been working for a long time not only to develop,

Apparently the official portal of these cheat developers was particularly organized and was able to offer users a series of services that included self-mira, automatic focus on targets, the possibility to find opponents and much more. All this was included in a sort of three-day subscription service that cost just under 5 euros and three months sold at the price of 140 euros.

Waiting to find out how the situation will evolve, we remind you that the cheaters challenged Activision and Ricochet, the new anti-cheat of Call of Duty Warzone Pacific and Vanguard.

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