Call Of Duty Vanguard: Worst Launch Of The Uk Series In The Last 14 Years

The new Call of Duty Vanguard sold less than Cold War at the UK launch but not only because according to VGC, Vanguard has recorded the worst launch of the series in Britain in the last 14 years.

Sales compared to the game released last year are down 40% but not only, because Vanguard apparently would have sold at the launch in UK less than any other game in the series released after Call of Duty Modern Warfare in 2007, with the absolute record still in the

Even games with less success such as Call of Duty Ghosts, Advanced Warfare and Infinity Warfare have sold more than Vanguard at the launch, always limited to the British market. It is worth saying that COD Vanguard made its first appearance in the UK standings, recording the second best launch of the year just behind FIFA 22.

Despite the excellent numbers generated by Call of Duty Warzone, it is not a mystery that for some years the COD series has been recording numbers in decline compared to the past, a tendency that Activision will have to try to reverse in the near future.

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