Call Of Duty Vanguard: Server Problems, Sledgehammer Works To Solve

A few days after the debut of the war shooter, Call of Duty Vanguard players are experiencing some problems connecting to Sledgehammer Games servers, and find themselves unable to take part in online gaming sessions.

If some fail to connect to the servers of COD Vanguard at all, others see their matches interrupted with the appearance of an error message. After the various reports received from users, the developers of Sledgehammer Games have become aware of the problem and, as reported through their official Twitter profile, have put themselves to work to be able to solve it as quickly as possible. It is not clear at the moment how serious the problems are to the shooter servers, and it is not to be excluded that the online infrastructure can return to normal in the next few minutes. We just have to wait for updates from Sledgehammer.

Call of Duty Vanguard is now available on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X Plus, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Just like the latest chapters of the shooter series, Vanguard also allows you to play cross-play between all reference platforms. For further information on the latest member of Activision franchise, please refer to our Call of Duty Vanguard Review.

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