Call Of Duty Vanguard: Loading Time Compared, On Ps5 Is A Lightning Lightning

A short clip spread on Twitter compares the loading times of Call of Duty Vanguard on Sony consoles, highlighting how the PlayStation 5 SSD is a real “Game Changer,” a feature

Watching the video, we see how the same sequence of Call of Duty Vanguard is loaded in just under four seconds on PS5 (00:03.70 to be precise) while on PS4 PRO the same scene takes 01:10.00 minutes to load,

Clearly the difference is due to the versatility of PS5 SSD while both PS4 and PS4 PRO mount a traditional hard drive, certainly also affected the good work of optimizing the game, it is not a coincidence that Call of Duty Van

A new patch of COD Vanguard has been released to improve performance, this update solves various bugs and technical problems, as well as making changes to the balance of the combat shield.

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