Call Of Duty Vanguard: How To Unlock Skin Gold, Diamond And Atomic Master

The Skins Master Gold, Diamond and Atomic are among the most desired by players of the Activison shooter. These camouflage come back to Call of Duty Vanguard (in this regard, here is the review of the Call of Duty Vanguard campaign) and can be unlocked only by meeting specific requirements: here’s how to get them.

The difficulty factor in obtaining these three Skin Mastery is due to the previous one: it means that in order to get your hands on the ambitious Atomic will be mandatory to own first the Gold and Diamond paintings. For the first, COD Vanguard requires to get all 10 camouflages of a specific fire mouth. These are acquired by strengthening the weapon, using it in battle or, again, exploiting the various components. The same applies to Diamante, but it requires the same procedure applied to all arms in a single category (e.g. assault rifles).

Finally, for the Atomic skin you will have to own the skin diamonds of the game, or have at your disposal all the camouflages that the title offers at the launch. If the reward is worth the effort you spend, then you better get to work right away. Also about the title developed by Sledgehammer Games, here are how many and what multiplayer maps there are in Call of Duty Vanguard.

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