Call Of Duty, Treyarch Vs. Sex And Racism: The Message Of Black Ops’ Study

Activision-Blizzard is still in the eye of the cyclone after the recent accusations of sexism and rain discrimination on the company of Call of Duty. The management promises to come initiatives to change Activision’s corporate policies, but not everyone is convinced that a radical change is possible.

With the company’s internal studies under more pressure than ever before, Treyarch decided to publicly spread a message, in which it makes clear that the software house that deals with the series of Call of Duty Black Ops opposes behaviors that can harm women or the

“Our goal as a studio is to create great games to offer people. Having the privilege of pursuing our goals is given by the wonderful people of Treyarch: we are a studio made up of talented, intelligent and creative professionals of the world who try to give their best. Our culture does not give space to sexism, racism, discrimination, bigotry, or bullying. We will continue to ensure a healthy, diversified and inclusive professional environment […]. All in Treyarch are strongly involved in development because we love the games and magic that important moments can give. This is an important moment and begins with being better.”

The harassment charges also affected the former leader of Treyarch, who decided to leave the firm in November.

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