Call Of Duty: Ricochet Has Already Banned 48 Thousand Cheater From Warzone And Vanguard

Ricochet, the new anti-cheat implemented in the games of the series Call of Duty, began to do his work: Activision announced that yesterday made possible the ban of 48 thousand cheater from Vanguard and Warzone

This year Activision decided to make its own and develop an anti-cheat solution that can protect the games of the Call of Duty series, always in the sights of the cheaters. This is how Ricochet was born, an anti-cheat kernel-level system that updates server side and constantly monitors the presence of malicious software running in the background on PC.

The company has always been particularly attentive to the issue cheater, just think that since the beginning of the year it has banned as many as 500 thousand accounts. Ricochet has however made it possible to take a big step forward, since it is designed specifically for the games of the COD series and is able to detect threats that would escape the surveillance of other software. Some concerns about the effectiveness of Ricochet arose last October, as part of the source code went online. Activision, however, reassured the players, explaining that the stolen information came from “controlled” live testing.

Warzone players also received another Christmas present yesterday: Krampus was nerfed with a new patch.

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