Call Of Duty Pro Excited For The Acquisition Activision: ‘Hello The Competitive Scene’

The announcement of Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision for the figure • monstre • of almost 70 billion Dollars has shaken the videogaming industry also in the exports. According to some professional Call of Duty players, the purchase of Activision Blizzard will save the competitive scene of the franchise.

The legendary OpTic Gaming Seth Scump member Abner released these statements during a live streaming reloaded to YouTube in the last few hours. He said he was \”entusiasta”, if not excited ”, of the future of Call of Duty for him, for the scene export and especially for the community: ”I don’t know how it will affect the development I suppose there will probably be a little more emphasis on some things we were waiting for.

He referred in particular to the latest work of 343 Industries: ♪ Just look at Halo, for example, they came out with an incredible system classified, a game completely refined. It’s really exciting. Nobody knows what that means. Nobody knows! Besides, as you can read from our review of Halo Infinite multiplayer, the title is getting ready for competitive gaming and Microsoft is treating it as its battlehorse for the years to come.

As a result, not only Scump but a large part of the community export and CoD franchise lovers have all eyes to the future as the IP of the Redmond titan. Will this save the competitive scene so much criticized by the pros themselves? We’ll only know in due course.

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