Call Of Duty, Is The Annual Release Of The Series Under Discussion?

The insider Ralph(RalphsValve) has been the protagonist in these days of many leaks linked to Call of Duty and the last seems to concern a possible change of direction from Activision to the annual exit of the

The reasons for this choice are unclear but it seems that Activision is reconsidering the situation, moreover the development of an AAA game takes more and more time and the processing times may not be enough to ensure excellent results and allow developers to work with peace.

Over the years Activision has set up a real war machine with three different studies at work on Call of Duty, to which over the years Raven Software has added support, to date all the studies of Activision Blizzard are working

The warm welcome given to Call of Duty Vanguard may have triggered a wake-up call and the current business model may no longer be sustainable on the long distance in the near future. At the moment, it is only a rumor and there is no direct confirmation of this.

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