Call Of Duty: How To Make Statistics Of Warzone And Vanguard Public

The battle royale of COD has just updated with the new Caldera map (in this regard, here is our special on Call of Duty Warzone Pacific), bringing with it new players. If you are one of these or saga veterans, you may feel the need to share your goals: here’s how to make your statistics visible.

To make your own public statistics, you only have to access the official Call of Duty website using your account. On the top right of the profile page, open the drop-down and select the account you want to change: in fact, each platform, while sharing the same credentials, has different statistics. You can then choose to hide the total killings on Xbox, but make them public on Playstation. At this point you just have to decide who to make your scores visible by selecting the ‘all’ option in ‘Available for search’ and ‘Visible Data’.

This solution is not only valid for Warzone, but also for the hours played on Vanguard. In relation to this change, you can also use external trackers to periodically and quickly view your game statistics. But about the title Sledgehammer Games, here is the official roadmap of the season 1 of Call of Duty Vanguard.

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