Bwipo Reveals To Fans Why He Left Fnatic And Europe: New Adventure With Team Liquid

The numerous changes in the League of Legends’ export scene seen after Worlds 2021, a competition won by the amazing EDGs, also saw Bwipo abandoning the Fnatic, Toplaner now linked to the US organization Team L He wanted to explain the reasons behind this passage to Dexerto.

On the US media outlet, Gabriel .Bwipo… Rau wanted to dedicate a few words to explain why, after four years in Europe with one of the most important teams of LEC, Moba’s competitive scene lovers will already know some details of the relationship between the Belgian player and the Fnatic: 2021 was an extremely difficult year for the organization that, after failure in the Spring Split 2021

Among the most important reasons we find the drama that involved Bwipo and his girlfriend, targeted by fans after some indiscretion on Twitter about the relationship between the two during the Worlds 2021, and a bad competitive season With a letter to fans of Fnatic, the Toplaner has communicated the intention to leave the team and change air, finally landing in the United States with TL along with Hans Sama, ADC ex-Rogue.

Bwipo told Dexerto that the only one he could count on this year at Fnatic was Support, Hylissang: Hylissang was the most positive part. I want to have the same kind of relationship that I had with him with whoever was involved in order to be able to talk about anything at any time. The organization has proposed new contracts and agreements for him for months, but Bwipo has opted for a new path, a new chapter in his career.

Meanwhile, the famous ADC Uzi has returned to Landa with Bilibili Gaming.

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