Buy A Ps5 For $900 And Get A Box With A Brick In It

The supply of PlayStation 5 continues to be particularly scarce worldwide, to the point of pushing more and more desperate gaming players to turn to so-called scalpers. In the case of a user, however, the scam was double.

It would seem that a thirty-eight-year-old resident in Orem, Utah, decided to buy a new generation Sony console via an auction on eBay, paying him $900, almost twice the price recommended by the Japanese giant. The story does not end here, however, since the user not only paid the huge amount to get into possession of the console, but also was the victim of a scam: the box that arrived at him did not contain the gaming machine but a When addressed to the local police, this reassured the man confirming that, through the protection of eBay, the sum spent will be refunded. Let’s hope that with that $900, the user doesn’t decide to do something like that again and maybe end up in the trap of who’s selling PlayStation 5 photos for $500.

Did you know that the scalps of PlayStation 5 have taken 2,000 more consoles in the last few days, taking advantage of the new stocks that have arrived in various online stores?

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