Bungie And The Toxic Working Environment: The Head Of Human Resources Resigns

It wasn’t easy days for Bungie. The spread of the IGN.Com report describing a toxic work environment in Bungie has prompted CEO Pete Parsons to publicly apologize to all employees who have been the victims of inappropriate behaviour in past years.

The report has, however, had another important consequence: Gayle d’Hondt, head of the company’s human resources, has resigned from his post after 14 years of service. In an email from IGN, d’Hondt spoke about her experiences in Bungie, revealing the abuses she committed and talking about “deeply difficult interpersonal conflicts” at the basis of her decision. It is not clear, however, whether the former head of human resources will remain within the company in another role or not.

The IGN report of recent days has brought out a very negative picture of the toxic atmosphere that many employees were subjected to, among managers who constantly shouted at employees and several cases of harassment directed at Bungie workers. Not only that, it also seems that the human resources department also protected individuals who were the authors of these negative gestures: “There was at least one long-standing employee of human resources, still part of the company, who almost all our sources described as at the forefront of protecting the

After the toxic climate complaint against Activision dating back to summer 2021, a very lively affair still today, and the analogous situation that involves another giant like Ubisoft, remains the curiosity to discover how the situation around Bungie will evolve in the next

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