Bully 2: The Founder Of Rockstar Mag Seems To Confirm The Existence Of The Game

We continue to talk about Bully 2, in recent days Tom Henderson revealed that a demo of Bully 2 was shown behind closed doors at The Game Awards to a selected audience of journalists and professionals, this voice is now confirmed also by Chris Kli

In response to a DM, Klippel summarizes the information in his possession confirming that a playable demo of Bully 2 was presented before the Game Awards and that the game could have been shown at the event but the announcement was postponed.

Journalists and retailers would sign an NDA (confidential agreement) with Rockstar Games to prevent the circulation of leaks but despite this GameInformer has anticipated the news. The founder of Rockstar Mag then confirms that he contacted Jason Schreier to ask for information about Bully 2 and the recent rumors, the journalist of Bloomberg (former Kotaku) would have been rather elusive in his answers, probably

According to Star Wars Eclipse’s leader, Bully 2 was deleted in 2017, other sources as seen claim instead that the game is currently being developed. Who’s telling the truth? We hope to find out as soon as possible.

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