Bully 2: Rockstar Game Was Canceled In 2017 For An Insider

In these days there has been a lot of talk about Bully 2, according to the insider Tom Henderson Bully 2 was shown behind closed doors at the Game Awards to a narrow circle in person and at first was also thought of a public presentation, plans though

Henderson admits to having very little detail on this but is absolutely confident that initially “Bully 2 should have been one of the surprise ads of The Game Awards” and reiterates that insider, press and industry members would attend a presentation of the

Everything good? Not because Henderson’s version is denied by AccNgt, leader up to the honors of the chronicle for having revealed in advance the existence of Star Wars Eclipse by Quantic Dream, game then actually announced during the show

According to the words of AccNgt, Bully 2 was cancelled in 2017 and in this regard the former Senior Associate Editor of Game Informer USA stated that he “had a story to tell,” presumably linked to the development and cancellation of the

So it remains to understand what’s going on: Bully 2 was canceled in 2017 or was the development exhumed and the game still exists? Or, did the work never stop? There are many questions, we hope that someone will soon shed light on the matter.

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