Bully 2: Red Dead Redemption And Max Payne 3 Among The Causes Of Cancellation

During the evening the pages of Game Informer welcomed a long article dedicated entirely to the tormented development of Bully 2 and whose content would confirm the last voices of the corridor.

It all began when Mad Doc Software was acquired in April 2008 by the Rockstar Games creators, who renamed its new software house in Rockstar New England. The initial aim of the team was to provide technical support and so it was, since the team of developers helped the company in the development of Grand Theft Auto IV and the first Red Dead Redemption. The first project of the team, the sequel to Bully, was to be added to the support work.

The work on the game was proceeding great and the vision of Rockstar New England was very precise: the intention was to create a product of smaller size than a GTA IV but able to surprise for the use of new technologies. The Game Informer report talks about a map as large as Vice City in which each building was entirely open to visitors and about the possibility of doing actions with long-term consequences (mechanics implemented later in Red Dead Redemption 2). There was also the possibility of climbing everywhere and, for example, raiding the homes of the inhabitants of the small town. For what concerns the main inspirations of the game at the artistic level and plot, we refer to both Goonies and Porky’s.

Although the game was partially complete and there was a perfectly playable demo lasting about ten hours, Rockstar decided to set aside the project to focus all his strength on Max Payne 3 and, shortly after, on Red Dead Redemption It should be noted that what Game Informer has published has not been confirmed by Rockstar Games, which decided not to comment on these events.

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