Broken Veil: Discovering Post-Soviet Horror Inspired By Little Nightmares

Steam is available as a free demo of Broken Veil, a Russian horror-stained platformer clearly modeled following the example of the now famous dark-coloured adventure of Little Nightmares.

Developed by the indie authors of Sinistrum Games, Broken Veil offers a platform adventure experience imbued with environmental puzzles to be solved within a fully three-dimensional scenario.

The title catapults us among the dilapidated palaces of a small town in the province of Russia post-Soviet to make us wear the shoes of a child who, immersed in a dimension of nightmare populated by faceless beings, will have to appeal to everything

On the game mechanics front, Broken Veil offers interesting ideas of innovation, represented by the possibility for users to interact with the many stray cats of the town and give them commands that will help our alter-ego to come to the head of the enig Broken Veil is expected to launch a generic “2022” on PC, but the hope of such aficionados is obviously to always watch this year’s multiplatform output on consoles such as PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Sw

If you want to know more about this title, in addition to the advice to download the demo on Steam for free, we invite you to stay on the pages of to read our special on horror Broken Veil’s plot and gameplay.

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