Broken Arrow: Slitherine Rts Battlefields Show Up In The New Movie

On the occasion of the Home of Wargames Live, Slitherine has made real-time strategic fans happy by returning to show Broken Arrow, a new large-scale RTS focused on modern war tactics and full of personal tools

Broken Arrow, announced at the last Home of Wargames, presents a unique army construction system and customization tools for units that allow for infinite replayability. With over 200 realistic military units and technologies, each battle is more engaging than ever.

The base game features both the American and Russian factions, more than 100 units and more deck-specificities per nation. Broken Arrow intends to bring the RTS genre to a completely new level by combining the complexity of a wargame with the typical gameplay full of real-time tactical action. Build your army deck by choosing from over 200 different units. Part of the battle you win by planning: create the right combination of types of units and weapons to defeat your enemy and don’t forget to consider the ground when you choose it.

At the moment, Broken Arrow, which is expected exclusively on PC, is still without a launch date and the Steam page contains a generic “Coming Soon.” During his event, Slitherine also gave space to the announcement of Distant Worlds 2.

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