Brawl Stars: Which Are The Strongest Brawlers And Which Is The Best?

Within titles like Brawl Stars, competitive and rich in characters that respond to precise game balances, it is essential to stay up to date on the so-called current META. Relying on the competitive scenario, we discover what are the best brawlers of the moment.

The MOBA (on our pages you can also find the definition of MOBA) Supercell offers players more than fifty unique fighters of their kind, divided by categories according to their rarity and role in the game. In order of increasing effectiveness, here are the best.


Having just arrived we have not yet had the chance to see Grom immersed in the competitive landscape, so it takes some time before we judge its true potential. Of course, the masked executioner is devastating in bushes rich maps thanks to the personal Gadget Watching Tower. If equipped with bonuses that increase its speed, given the similar effect of its Star Skill, this brawler can become an unstoppable predator.

Tara ♪ Mythical Assailant

Thanks to the addition of new mechanics such as equipment pieces, Tara can be definitely side by side with the best brawlers in the game. Just like the aforementioned Grom, she also benefits greatly from the speed of movement, especially taking into account the time of recharging her abilities. To make it so strong, in addition to good versatility, contributes one of the most impactful Supers of the video game.


Belle’s elettrofacile is what makes this brawler perfect for besieging enemies from distance. Its high vulnerability is compensated by the long range of action and the damage above average. Moreover, making the most of the explosive Malloppo gadget can help keep away from Tank and Sicari, the two types of brawler with which Belle does not want to deal.

Sandy ♪ Legendary Support

The recent nerf against Sandy has not been enough to limit its potential. To make it a reliable brawler is the way it can quickly eliminate the most fragile enemies, chasing them to exhaustion and tormenting them with sand. Aiming at its speed is the wisest thing you can do.

Lola • Assailant for Chromatics

Like Sandy, Lola didn’t suffer too much from her Super rebalancing. In fact, his copy evoked with Megalomania can still reverse the fate of a clash and being effective both in medium range and in distance combat, the Brawlywood diva is worthy of being considered among the best.


Often, in titles like Brawl Stars, resize the strength of one or more characters can lead to indirect enhancement of others. This is exactly what happened to Stu, who after the last nerfs to his main counters, found himself in a position of advantage. For even greater efficiency, we recommend you try it in combination with Sandy.

Eugenio • Mythical Support

After the addition of the equipment, which inevitably pushed players towards new types of predominant approaches, the genius of the lamp became one of the most solid brawlers in circulation. This is due to his skill kit, which, being suitable for the current more recurring scenarios, makes Eugenio a character to always take into consideration.

Barryl • Super rare hybrid

Despite Barryl’s skills and statistics should be a challenge to him in the presence of opponents like Shelly and Tara, this brawler is so strong at the moment that he doesn’t even fear the most unfavorable match-ups. With its doublets and bounces, Barryl marries well with any team, in any map and regardless of game mode. All things that make him the best brawler ever in the game.

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