Brawl Stars Has An Export Calendar For 2022: More Races For All

The famous mobile video game of Supercell Brawl Stars, which was a huge success during 2021, finally has an official calendar for the 2022 export competitions. It is the Brawl Stars Championship or BSC, which is enriched with tournaments, higher prize pools and a real Invitational.

As explained by the official Instagram brawlstars_esports account, the BSC will start in February 2022 with monthly qualifications open to any team, which will lead to the first final in March. During the rest of the year, then, there will be other stages of qualification. Each game will be structured as a…Power Match, during which the teams will enter a pre-game draft phase so that they choose and banish the Brawlers available to players. The tournament will be double elimination, instead, so as to ensure greater equity competition.

Mid-season Invitational, a new competition that \’imitatesÂÂ’ the eponymous tournament already known to the League of Legends fans and will see the best teams of the Brawl Stars Champion At the end of the season, the first 16 teams from all over the world will enter the Brawl Stars World Finals 2022. At the present time, the following distribution of the slots dedicated to the teams is expected:

EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa): five teams

North America and North LATAM (Latin America): three teams

LATAM South: two teams

EECA (Eastern Europe and Central Asia): two teams

East Asia: two teams

Continental China: a team

SESA & ANZ (Southeast Asia and Oceania): a team

Importantly, however, as Supercell will offer improved support to the so-called This could mean the availability of significant prize pools for regional tournaments, or even the possibility of moving from local competition to qualifying to the Brawl Stars World Finals.

Staying in the world of Supercell titles, in early December we talked about the world championship exports of Clash Royale and the adventure of Italian start-up Beaths.

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