Bravely Default 2 Over Million Digital Copies: Square Enix Celebrates With A Discount

During the summer, Bravely Default II had touched the million copies on Nintendo Switch alone – a goal that has now been largely exceeded.

The JRPG development team officially announced a new milestone for its latest production. Just ten months after its debut on the international market, Bravely Default II sold over a million copies on Nintendo Switch and PC, in digital version only. Adding retail copies for the hybrid console, the commercial result of the GDR is absolutely positive.

Understandably, the development team has therefore wanted to thank the public for the positive feedback offered to Bravely Default II during the last year. To celebrate, Square Enix has published the special artwork you find at the bottom of this news, but not only. The Japanese company has also announced the activation of a special promotion. Starting today, Wednesday 22 December, Bravely Default II will be discounted by 30% on Nintendo and Japanese Shop. Starting tomorrow, however, everyone will be able to take advantage of the initiative on PC, with the same discount that will be applied to the Steam version of JRPG.

Meanwhile, remember that the team led by Tomoyo Asano is already thinking about the realization of Bravely Default III, still not announced by Square Enix.

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