Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, Surprise: The Heir Of Jet Set Radio Will Also Have Bmx!

After re-emphasising Bomb Rush Cyberfunk’s exclusive switch time during the Nintendo Indie World in August 2021, the Reptile Team’s boys show a new video that testifies, yes, to the presence of the BM

In addition to the funambolic racing bikes, the latest trailer also shows gameplay sequences that confirm the possibility of using online skates to fulfill the numerous activities required by their virtual gang.

Old and new fans of this iconic kind of free roaming platform experiences inaugurated by JSR will be able to engage in a plethora of open-world missions to fill with graffiti the palaces of their neighborhood and the city areas controlled by

With the latest video, the Reptile Team can also reiterate the presence of a progression system based on the style of tricks performed: based on the complexity of combos and pirouettes performed with skateboard, inline skates, B At this point we just have to leave you to the new trailer and wait for the announcement of the launch date of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk on PC and exclusively console (temporal) on Nintendo Switch.

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