Bomb Crypto Is Like Bomberman, But It’s Play-To-Earn And Blockchain Based.

Among the most popular video games currently on the Binance Smart Chain, Bombcrypto is a blockchain-based Bomberman emulo that invites its users to manage bumbar characters, explore the metaverse together with

In Bomb Crypto you can get NFT items simply by playing and reselling them on the marketplace to earn. The main currency of the game is the BCOIN, a token that is used to buy new Bomber Hero and increase their level. Although you can get NFT simply by playing, to start you must buy a Bomber Hero, which costs 10 BCOIN (about 29 euros at the time of writing this news).

There are several game modes in the full form of Bomb Crypto. In Adventure, coming on January 18 with Marketplace, players must select the Bomber Hero in their possession and defeat all monsters within a level to gain access to the next one. The destruction of the blocks and the killing of enemies offer some chance of BCOIN drop. In the Battle Arena, coming soon, they are instead called to fight against other users. To participate they must pay out the Tokens and at the end of the battle the winner takes all those of the losers. Bomber Hero loses a certain amount of energy every time he faces a Battle Arena. New heroes can be obtained in the Rescue Mission, already available in-game: in some maps there is a rare possibility of encountering a cage that hides a Bomber Hero inside. In the event of a successful rescue mission, the Bomber Hero becomes part of his roster, however he needs to be treated before being able to be employed in battle. Heroes are housed in a Staff House, where they can recharge their energy.

You can find out more about this title (and possibly start playing it) by directing you to the official website of Bomb Crypto. The current roadmap provides: the introduction of decorations for houses and a new level for the history mode in the first quarter of this year; the battle mode and the rankings in the second quarter; this and achievements in the third quarter; new levels, N

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