Bloodborne Ps1: The Demake Fan Made Surprises In New Video Gameplay

After confirming her intention to launch Bloodborne PS1 in January, developer Lilith Walther ideally brings us back to Yharnam’s smoky alleys to show off new, amazing gameplay clips from the Dema

The new gameplay pieces proposed by Walther offer us a glimpse of the playful, graphic and content experience of this incredible project that recreates from scratch the settings, the fighting system and the roles of Bloodbo

Scrolling through the scenes we can admire the fight with Father Gascoigne, the exploration phases in the slums of Yharnam and the inevitable sequence set in the Hunter’s Dream. In showing these new clips, the developer of Bloodborne’s Demake recalls that the title will boast an unlocked framerate and support for Full-HD resolution, while taking into account the limitations imposed by the 4:3 aspect ratio for ”

At this point we just have to wait for the announcement of the final launch date of the Demake in style PS1 of Bloodborne and, with it, to understand whether the project will be paid or if it will be offered in via completely free on PC.

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