Bloodborne: Card Game Is On Offer On Amazon With A 34% Discount

The official Bloodborne card game is offered on Amazon at an exceptional price, only 26 euros with a 34% discount from the list price of 39.99 euros, this is the lowest price ever.

Taken from the video game, Bloodborne is an exciting card game in which a group of Hunters, using the power of the Chalice, will enter the ancient underground ruins and will face the terrifying Boss that the At the end of the fight, however, only one of you will win enough blood to escape the nightmare. You will need ingenious strategies, ruthless cunning and steel nerves if you want to premiere in this game of betrayal and terror.

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In Bloodborne: The Card Game, each player secretly and simultaneously chooses the strategy to use in combat. You’re gonna attack and collect blood? Will you sabotage the efforts of the other Hunters? Or will you flee into the Hunter’s Dream to guard your blood and accumulate strength for the subsequent battles?

The game is from 3 to 5 players, the recommended age starts from 14 years, the average duration of each game will be 30/60 minutes depending on the number of players in the game, the edition on offer on Amazon is completely in Italian.

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