Blockchain Video Games: Metaverso, Nft And Play To Earn Explained Well

At a time when people often talk about NFT and Metaversi there is a growing interest in gaming on Blockchain, so-called play-to-earn and games that exploit cryptomonetes and assets that are re-saleable. To help you understand this market slice better, we have prepared this introductory guide for you in video format.

The first thing that needs to be explained in this area, however, is that it is currently not flourishing or structured. There is no uniform organized movement, nor any truly disruptive products that are available and playable immediately. The game on Blockchain is in a primeval phase: some projects have moved in time and are already accessible, like Decentraland, but most will be launched during 2022 remaining in early access for who knows

Many products, which are more concrete, unfortunately, are not very attractive from a playful point of view, and are in fact the gamification of financial instruments. Rather than playing, they are purely speculative products. Blockchain gaming could play an important role in the future of our industry, but in the present it is still a little impalpable, at least from the point of view of traditional video players: for investors the speech changes considerably. This does not mean that it is not interesting to look at the sector, to understand what are the most promising projects and to metabolize the terminology of this market branch.

If you want to follow the different projects, even without investing, you know that communication usually uses very different channels than classic ones. The social d’electazione of the gaming on blockchain are Twitter, for the flash and medium ads, for the most structured content. Discord is essential: this is where the development teams talk to the community, organize questions and answers sessions, present the roadmap.

Blockchain gaming is varied and multifaceted. There are projects of all kinds: Moba, Strategic, Auto-Battler, Card Game, Space Simulators, Hack If anything, besides evaluating those that are most in line with your tastes, you will also have to learn to understand which have a more sustainable economic component and not too subject to speculative logics. Finally, know that if you do not have any curiosity about this field, it is really all normal. Don’t let the so-called FOMO alter you, the fear of being cut off and missing something. Traditional gaming, beyond some clumsy attempt to get closer to the industry, will remain exactly where it is. Ready to welcome you, as always, with his stories. And no currency.

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