Blizzard Activision In Crisis? Call Of Duty, Overwatch And Diablo’s Fault For Bobby Kotick

After Microsoft announced its acquisition of Activision, the CEO of publisher Bobby Kotick was interviewed by various international newspapers including GamesBeat, a passage from the interview in particular attracted the attention of the

The particular news reporter at GamesBeat asks whether scandals and accusations against Activision in recent months have helped to bring down the stock market title, but Bobby Kotick has the very clear ideas about:

“There are many reasons… surely the postponement of Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 has affected the results on Wall Street, as well as the performances of Call of Duty below expectations. Certainly the acquisition has produced great results, Microsoft has paid 95 dollars per share to investors… it is a great deal for shareholders, regardless of personal judgments, it is really a big deal.”

Schreier points out that Kotick has “blamed” the decline in the stock market for the failure to achieve the objectives and the postponement of some key securities, in part by reducing the accusations and legal cases brought for the working conditions in the company’s offices.

Bobby Kotick will lead Activision in this transition phase until the end of the acquisition but after the completion of the operations (the estimated deadline is June 2023) Kotick should definitely leave the company he has been driving since 1991, with a good exit of about 370 million

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