Bleak Faith Forsaken: Soulslike Hero Fights A Boss In Video

The independent developers of Archangel testify to the progress made in the realization of soulslike dark fantasy Bleak Faith Forsaken showing in video a hectic boss fight against a giant bone creature.

In publishing this trailer, the students of the Archangel studies explain that “we focused on improvements in the fighting system, from the reactivity of attacks and movements to the general feeling returned by battles. Our testers have reiterated that the interventions made have greatly improved the fight, making it more fun and challenging.”

After an interface still to be finalized and some inconsistencies in animations and particle effects, it takes a few seconds to realize the great potential of this project that, by the same admission of its creators, fishing with full hands from the series of Devi

Bleak Faith Forsaken is scheduled to be launched on PC during 2022, but with the concrete possibility of its subsequent landing on PlayStation and Xbox consoles as a function of the reception received on Steam. If you missed it, here you will find another video gameplay of Bleak Faith Forsaken with decides to show off to shreds.

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