Blacktail, An Open World In The Role Of Baba Yaga: Between Witches, Action And Survival!

Unveiled on the occasion of this year’s E3, the new production signed by The Parasight has recently presented itself in a first playable format. Obviously, we tested it: here’s what we found!

Compared to Blacktail’s first ad trailer, this first road test of Action confirmed the choice of the development team to shape an open world-style adventure. The play area will also be enriched by survival elements, for a journey to live as a young incarnation of Baba Yaga. The iconic witch, present in many variations in many European legends and myths, will be in fact the absolute protagonist of Blacktail, as well as the player’s videogame alter-ego.

To find out what the authors of The Parasight have in store for the video gaming community, our Antonello “Kirito” Bello has grabbed mouse and keyboard and has dropped into an interesting PC Demo. During the test, there were obviously spells and magic – the protagonist is a powerful witch – but neither are crafting and exploration sessions. To find out all the details about this intriguing open world, we leave you to the vision of our Blacktail preview video.

As usual, you will find the video available on the YouTube Channel of Everyye, as well as directly previewing this news. What do you think of this Action Survival?

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