Beyond Good & Evil 2 Has Not Been Deleted, It Will Be Released In 2024 Or 2025 For An Insider

Tom Henderson seems to have changed his mind about the cancellation of Beyond Good & Evil 2, to his mind pretty much certain, now the situation seems to have turned around and apparently the game is still under development.

The insider says he has received new testimonies that confirm substantially what he has reported, that is, a creative difficulty in the development of the project and a lack of leadership after Michel Ancel’s farewell to Ubisoft, however the French house would have no

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is still in development and currently scheduled for 2024 or 2025, this at least the internal roadmap of the developers, clearly it is only an indicative target and it is not said that you can respect this launch window

In any case Henderson himself points out that sources are discordant, some confirm the cancellation and others confirm that the game is still alive and well. Ubisoft has shown that it wants to continue investing in the project and the same goes for Skull & Bones now in Beta, the game on pirates has reached the phase “Internal Beta” despite a rather troubled development and that has led many to believe that the

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