Best Games Of 2021, Speaks La Times: From The Artful Escape To Halo Infinite, The Top 10

Not only did the Steam community express their preferences on the best PC games of 2021, but also the great news outlets who looked at the last year of video games.

In Todd Martens’s person, for example, the US newspaper Los Angeles Times has written its Top 10 for the last twelve months in the video game world, drawing up a decidedly interesting ranking. Inside, the boss is not the roboating productions – although present – but above all the most ingenious and emotional Indies that have alternated during the year. In drawing up the ranking, Martens identified the productions mentioned as being able to “help us define who we are.”

Below is the Los Angeles Times Top 10:

The Artful Escape of Francis Vendetti (Xbox One, Xbox Series X

On the summit we find the excellent Artful Escape of Francis Vendetti, artistic and musical epopea by Annapurna Interactive. Silver medal for the appreciated Psychonauts 2, while the sandy Sable lands win the bronze. Space also for the impressive AAA, with Halo: Infinite to represent the category of blockbuster videoglossaries, while they respond to the appeal also the suggestive Genesis Noir, adventure that merges noir, jazz and surrea How many of these titles have you played?

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