Best Games In 2021, Between Press And Public: Metacritic Top 10

While our editorial team communicates all the winning games of the Everyeye Awards, also from Metacritic comes now the review of the most beloved titles by critics and public in 2021.

The well-known voting aggregation portal has published an interesting review on the reception reserved for videogaming productions that began over the last twelve months. To ensure the greatest completeness possible, Metacritic has decided to dedicate a separate ranking for each gaming ecosystem, between PC and Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo consoles. Below, we will present the top ten classifieds emerged from the reviews published by the critics during 2021:

Top 10 PS4 and PS5

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker: on PS5, with 93/100; Hades: on PS5, with 93/100; Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2: on PS5, with 90/100; Final Fantasy VII Remake

Top 10 Xbox One and Xbox Series X Plus

Hades: on Xbox Series X Plus 93/100; Horizon 5 Force: on Xbox Series X Plus 92/100; Microsoft Flight Simulator: on Xbox Series X Plus 90/100;

Top 10 PCs

Elysium Disc: The Final Cut: with 97/100; Horizon 5 Force: with 91/100; Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker: with 91/100; Chicory: A Colorful Tale: with 90/100; P

Top 10 Nintendo Switch

The House in Fata Morgana – Dreams of the Revenants Edition -: con 96/100; Tetris Effect: Connected: con 95/100; Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury: con 89 All You Can Eat!: with 88/100; Monster Hunter: Rise: with 88/100; Metroid Dread: with 88/100; Quake Remastered: with 87/100;

As for the public opinion, here is the Top 10 that emerged from the votes of the Metacritic community:

Deathloop; Halo: Infinite; Metroid Dread; Horizon 5 Force; It Takes Two; Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker; Resident Evil: Village; Psy

For an alternative ranking, we also remember the winners of The Game Awards 2021. What are the games you have preferred over the past year?

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