Battlefield 3: The Enormous Reality Mod Transforms It Into A Tactical And Simulated Fps

In the background of the closure of the Battlefield 2042 subreddit for toxic comments, the modder scene prefers to look back and update the gameplay of previous chapters: among the most interesting fan projects the one carried out by the authors of the

BF3 Reality Mod is described as a real total conversion that upsets the gaming experience and the contents of the original shooter of EA DICE to recreate a war scenery with tactical gameplay and

The project draws inspiration from the equally enormous Project Reality of Battlefield 2 and proposes substantial changes to the system of progression of equipment that users can unlock, as well as a new interface and completely rewritten maps. In the spirit of the simulation FPS, the mod aims to “increase the value of every single life of soldiers on the battlefield” encouraging users to collaborate and plan their actions in multiplayer through tactical and strategic analysis of the ground of confrontation.

Work on this ambitious project is almost over, ensuring amateur developers present the Reality Mod Reality Reveal of Battlefield 3: if you were interested, at the bottom of the news you will find the link to the official website of the fan made expansion

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